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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 30, 2017 6:00am-6:38am EDT

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>> out of their homes, after cog police. we're live in newmeat >> plus: literally burst how are you, in frning. so, yes, you know inler afternoe feel. we don't have like 34. so to 55 degrees today. april. that for and down volume pop hello to the shaders, darby wath tore accident beverly boulevard and g with the airpor.
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looking good down at philadelphia international aiu. >> thank you, bob. we're following developing thate investigating an officer-involved shooting that's left one man dead. our steve keeley on the scene in new castle, with the latest and you'reoo have the park sealed off.e themw no re-opened a county marked patrol car hanging said, it was a police have notp shooting and killing las u what happed we'll see if there isontinued t, obviously, a lot ofki later on,? >> it's been very busy night with a lot oing, steve keel thik morning, steve, thanks. >> and steve mentioned, twot tor scene. officials are investigating >> officer hit and drag by a van last night before firing his gun. podriver. jenny joyce at southwest detective, with the latest this mornining, guys. so the man and woman who allegedly police-involved shooting have not yet been hoping to track
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down the owner of the identify e around 5:30 lastin this night, they wereort after man with a gun trying to dr mini-van. when officers arrived, van, thel inside. he put the vehicle in raccordin, and the van hand dragged him se. police say the able to bounce back, and suspect. >> the officer was to recover. and, again it, took it to, you know, inch screen and engage the mail. during that confrontation the officer did discharge his officer struck theeed away fros location at a high rate of speedment and several moments later, at unoccupied.
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so we don't have the se jeat this point either. and the officers abandoned dodge caravan was recovered about thal scene it, does have massachusetts licee ownership ot vehicle to tryenfy the people id in this inc and the woman are believed to be in their that police officer who was involved, who was hit by, and ultimately fired his weapon, is to you. >> glad that officer doing well this mni you. >> 6:07. man being held on bail this morning charged with possession after gun o property. thirty-two year old domenique jordan works assistant at drexel hill middle school. yesterday a teacher found a bullet in the bathroom. so school officials called police, who say, when they got the, the office, asking if they were there about the bullet. with 12 rounds in it, but denied having anything else.
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k revealedf ammunition. >> he needs of the s he's hired to do. and he's. >> you just feel like your kids are supposed to b>> jordane school for six weeks. he doesn'tecd. police sy he does have a concealed weapons permit and security guard. >> delaware lawmakers legalize recreational marijuana in the state. izes recreational marijuana for year. they'll be able to buy up to ounce at a time from shops arou te illegal zero smoke in public under the bill, andw their own plants for personal use. now i passes, initial retail licenses would be limited to 40 stores in delaware. >> time now 6:08. happening right now, a 91 year old federal judge who recently stopped hearing cases, due to health issuepoed missing, from s
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saidylvania home. it is looking for edwin co-sick. he was lastoutside scranton aro0 officers believe he maye of har injury. there will be a news we'll keep. >> coming man with a goes can at gas. it is what police say he did moment after this video w to track him down. >> and tragedy on a texas dozene killed after a church bus collides with a pick-u we ever e that bus was headed at the.
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>> good through a sunoco car, two cars burst into flames. >> the man in t hoodie, you can see hooker, spotted at sunoco 18th and march 14, around 2:00 in the morning, moments after he was seen in thisparked carson fire . we spoke new 2017 lincoln torched. saw the car was engulfed wat and they said that the
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other. >> it is not something that you expect toin to bed, and to come out and see your new street. >> after the surveillance video shows the guy in the hoodie running back past through the station, and throwing the gas making his get away. if you know who he coming up on local fmes, at school. what the fire. >> also ahead this daughter. the official ivanka
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>> this is outside of dallas, dozen every homes and businesses are either destroyed or damaged, a couple of tornados and wind gusts up to 59 miles an hour, wrms are ie forecast for the region this tr. here, it will be a milder d, right, sue? >> right. it is all just right friday rainyre just . we will of that
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tomorrow whether it moves in. control today. so, sun easy way to think about couple of days. so for now, nleit up in the northwestern part of the state,bout today. future cast showssunshine until. maybe a fewud probably after midnight, is when we we'll have some lighter rain in trahein fon friday, and friday, is nuts with the evening rush hour, s downpours to that, and it will be a lts into the ey part of saturday, 9:00 or 10:00n the morning. clouds will linger littl get soe sunshine in the afternoon. how much rain? for about 2 inches in some places, d 2 inches every rain tomorrow.
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make sure you're dresseda, warmlyno a five. there the is the rdany it is just some rain in the morning, then by sunday, return. looks like more april showers, tuesday of next week. bob kelly? everybody, 6:16 thisrng. starting to see some delays on the as we get into the start of our rushill nw jersey. live look, there is the mall, all lit up in the this morning, total different sceri ago, and good news, update on the northeast extension, so, exprese open. so if you're route, 476, headed north, theli ke they finished on the northbound side, but the side remains closed so coming turnpg
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the blue route, still have some delays, no problems up in toward philly. trenton line, running with ten cture this morning, whoon remembers the aramingoiner? how could you forget? cheese cake was da bomb.. but cheese cake was the best. back t >> awe. >> light and flurry, it was wan. >> ure have craving now. he creepy. >> all over cheese cake. led out to west philadelphia high school arted smoking. >> some nervous moment here, karen he s jtory. >> we spoke to the kid that it was h the actual phone that actually normal school day, ended with
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shall whose name is kyree coat. he said he on the desks iphone six, falls offer, then all the sudn he's a junior on the basketball team. real cute k. said just sitting n class, all the sudden then haen smoking. and then it start smoking even moree, you know, in the whole room on? they evacuated the classroom, on the officials, the fir sequad c. really just as a precaution, m s exclusively about what happened. >> i was going to pick it real, real bad. i was like oh, and i bac >> this could have happened inside the home, family could he been -- it just could have happened anywher been on fire. >> and so he says the and the bb squad opened up the phone and they checkedt bk to him. so now oe' planning a return trp
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to the apple store in center they'll get new one after that. and we wilee what happens next on that one. all right, guys, back toing wel. >> yes, cute kid, good job, and then getting first look atoming up the scene of h church van in a pick-up truck. eadt church members dead. thailo hospitalized, in critical s still in stable condition, and the after a three day retreat in st. >> law makers in north carolina have reach controversil bathroom bill. the law requires public rest rooms, correspondingit birth certificate. it would repeal the bill. legislatures in charge of
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policy on public restntwould alo be forbid tone pass, none discrimination orientation, and gender identity,cember 2020. they're calling for full expec, why doug thinks carson wentz can take his game to the year two. e for the
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first time in two weeks taking onng back to play, the first tie since being traded, and of co philly, you come back and play well. step the night. and then howard with absolute had 22 fal9 to 92. to the phillies in spring taking on the pirates in this >> blasts a homerun, can't even seethe
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for five, 2rbi8, two. in the second game against the .dditions make it look likeff rimsrera comes in to the phillies get the win eight to two, that's sports in a mi >> doug pederson in his second seaso wednesday's growth at the meeting in arizona, and the coachlllay huge role in helr season catch his breath.l, comek out, no, no down sort of exhale, catch his breath,ason. knowing that he's t him, it is g
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quarterback, wai wt's going on ? now he knows that is season to get ready for wagons . that will pressure on last se did step up little bit. to surround him with great players, so we'll see how h he stepped up a. i think doing a lot considering he came from, first time, can you imagine, just get to go nfl? >> balance between the pressure not being surrounded by the right >> ahead. >> 6:26. a scary confr oers to fire his
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weapon, who police are sti now. >> but first, steve work ago double scene this morning, steve? scene. you think police have anhi patr. look at driver side, all of the shattered glas make heads and tails out of this story, when next. f
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confusion for dozen every people in were not allowed this their homes for >> is it finally over? two former role in the bridgegate scandal in new ad she's not goi fall out from thet humiliatg the changes being made back stage to avoid a >> mix i'm sure they're tired of being talked about. go march 30, 201e in the sun it felt amazing, b jacket. >> not quite sure have we alwayd the the mittens out, windchillse 30's, this m side. what is this?
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well, itional doctors day, paying tribute to us, and medically, and on serio fox 29,f the day pictures of mynot a docn tv, thoses morning, don't have any precipitation today. so, today, already the combination after beaut at but it feels like 34. that's whaeed the winter coat this morning, you know what, another day when chilly but mixf sun and cloud throughout the decent day and tonight the clouds move of it coming midnig. >> i had doogie howser
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>> how about all of the guysure. >> you got it. oh, here we go, live look at northbound, right before thehis looks like hot mess. we got looks like he spun around, couple of vehieshis is almost the same spot as had an accident yesterday morning. ank yesterday, get ready for of 95 only one officer on thetmt. they'll have to flip it around and dot around. hope okay. north 95 near the c another acct here southbound for the gang out of northeast philly, three, four cars here all what would be the left lane near the street interchange an accident on the blue route,
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476 northbound at t the last fis on the trenton septa the chestnut hill line. al back to. >> finally able to >> displaced as police investigated an officer involvedcene, new castle this morning, s >> little loud, perfectly as youound of the flad you see this new castle county patrol car.p, because it is not going anywhere own. back driver up against the curb, and you see all of that shatterednot just the driveway,t
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roof of the polic on the trunk. you will notice that none a 360 degrees view of this cop windows are shattered, and that glass the are, in the coachd this here poorr apartments, w resident coming out finally allowed in, and this man into he the damage on the side every look at the blue car next to him, all shoved and were ahell chevy malibu, car err panel smashed and the police markings are all where these ended happen? police get called here they tell us quarter twhen they get p at struggle with a guydelphia, t
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they ended up shooting you'll another flatbed, dodge, window shattered out of there,ssou see that car likely,etr now that one likely over here did all of th street, shoot-out likely occurred and likely only what we're seeing visually, putting comn business, but just trying to investigators can tell us officially exactly happg up to and after their call killed, luckily no police were killed when you looker plus, all of these tenant were left
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all out back aey weren't killed either f thill of this happened it would have been safe place to be either. so, tough for those dealing with the aftermath as police continue to st is toughr everyone involved. thank you, for that >> time 6:35. this morning, detective are offr involved shooting in kingsessing. gun.ficer hit by a van before police searching for the driver and hisit the latest on that jenny? >> good morning, guys, at this point the him still have not beenpoce also tell us r weather not the officer who acty struck this not. officers arrived the man
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hopped into the the woman was sl inside. he put the gas according to suspect. >> office he was able to re to confrontation, end gauge the the officer did discharge his wee apsure at this time if the the subject and the vehicle did proceed away from this of several moments ago we don't have the subject. we don't hhee the officer is location where th aut scene.
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soy again, police areoo ownershe vehicle to try incident both the suspect and the woman good news, from police, in all f this is recovering. thatersey christie aids are heading to prison for e bridgegate scandthal.ority of nw former aid bridgetteut not going. >> today has been and my children, but i wantthis fight . i will not allowi look very muco the appeal. so thank you.
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prosecutors say this were part ot sch washington endorse governor christie denied any involvement. we will go moresie appeals coming up in about an 7. pennsylvania focus on business development. district attorney, seth williams. visited the center for discussionocal leaders. it is part of his ongoing jobs thatf was also asked about the bbe legal system is working, and in the time defending o called for williams to resign, f $0,000 worth of for fofhiladelphia rest
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owner, tony luke, posted this ms tony, died suddenly on m he andy are grateful for public. funeral services are sched funeral home in marlton, new je family. coming up on 6 accused every vandalizing synogogue in the city mayfair sectio custody. police say the 14 year old through a rock at templenogoguet reported monday,ldren in the act, but police did not because they'reladelphia has be& ranked one of the most nation. >> so get this. it is the only northeast cityha. terminex recently complied the t
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volume ofer throughout 2016. philadelphia came in at number 14 onthough alabama took the number one terminex warned that any city on the list should keepr begins? still a great sit. >> i all kind around. >> what a -- one alums on hand r the renamin o with bob sal it rit career. ic >> garbage literally being thrown from the protest? questi. play,
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> here, we will start little group on the weekends! cool shot of the girard point double decker bridge, sun begins to rise over philly and hitting us with some wick sun glare. but i tell you what couple of
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accident, all nty yesterday, the commodore barry bridge. >> half hour delay alrea look at this, just jammo, bump bumper, northbound all the way the commodore barry bridge, another crash there is onehitti. jammed up, from approaching colt man, down to bridge crash,, four cars here, all in what wod southbound side. accident on this blue northboung the schuylkill, right, between saint david's a shoulder there. septa running with some delays this morning, right out of the gate, on both the regional rail line, and the chestnut hill east regional rail line. and for the gang in the
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neighborhood, upper darby, accident outage, all because after crash along beverd. but we checked with the airport. no delays ator p the rest of the day? on this throw-back thursday? sue seconds. >> 6:46, looking today, big mes, luckily it should be mile enough that all we are talking . what's happening. low pressure system, kind of moving offoisture, and a lot of wind for tomorrow. so, when does it arrive? not until, for most every us, maybe few showers around 9:00. but when we expect a messy morning rush,
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and see what it is like up t of? new england, they'll be getting snow, again of it, heavy downpours for the evening rush tomorrow. and in the overnight hours, as well, should be gone10:00 at thn saturday. so that's a look at the rain, how m 2 inches of rain in places so g deluge, cold one this morning, below freezing in city, 38 degrn philadelphia. factor in a little bit of winds. it feels even ch windchills, maf them, are below freezing this morning.t handy, at least for this morning, but w the afternoon, seasonably cool, with 55 deges we're going out like a lion. on friday, saturday, no fooling, we start off little bit of rain. get some sun in the afternoon, looks like weekend, sunny sunda. more april showers by monday and tuesday of next thomas?
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>> so your winter coat, check, umbrella c >> joking around for saturday? >> and a smile. > oh, you have to get ready. >> that's true. 6:47. accounting firm price waterhouse coopers getting second chanc ers bag flub at the oscars. you may remember la-la land was picture, then nope, moonlight, the real runner. so academy has invited pwc to work next year's award show changes. electronic devices will be barred back stage, remember, we found the accountants were tweeting out photos of them with celebrities. the account g firm rehearsals. so they'll do some run trues, so it wl't sit in the control room during the s shoe confusion between some of the celebrities announcing they ear- >> headed for extra presenters,e handing out envelopes, a third person back
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checklist, check off make sure everyone is doing what t electrc device and another person in the control room,ck and fourth,y people? four, five people. et the job done? >> but the two people who messed up last year, still employed. still there. >> they will not be change. >> 6:48. is this coyote or is it a wolf? turns out animal seen prowling around philadelphia in the suburbs, you see it right there, not thetractive ths both. >> huh? th called a coy wolf. they're bigger than traditional coy oathhead of then say they've been find. if you see one, you're >> they're very adapt recall. and song in relatively s them, and
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very few people know that they'relves are shy, usually they're afraid people. good thing. but they do eat smallsaon. first spotted along the canadian border, now as far so virginia. >> it is crazy because it really does look like a coyote and a wolf. hybrid, coy wolf. >> let us know if you've seen some then. picture, take a picture, send it to us? >> on your camera. 6:at way you can stay far 50, her mom says it was child's play. her schoous threat. what a five year old girl picked up on a playgroundr spen.
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>> let's talk about bob saget, he was in town to honor local legends at his alma matter, temple university. he hosed the renaming of the lew kline school of media and communication, now dedicated to lew kline spent more than
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six decades teaching at temple. mentored thousands of media professionals including saget, who credits klein with student . >> that movie i will say that helped get me teed up. you don't rig those things, but made it possible for people to see it.n festivals lo. i won a couple of festivals landed up on uf didn't have cable. >> he doesn't know how many student -- >> wow, prep it special. good thing bob saget -- good. >> the's legend, klein, well bob obviously quite a career, chris o'connell, also temple grad. roud. we can see why. great his now on there with the school. >> saget will do stand up at ile still in town.r tonight if >> you can see him.
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sister sledge's hit song we are family being celebrated as a national treasure. >> ♪ we are family ♪ >> the library of congress announcing the song is among 2 new additions to the recordin, nwa's straight out of compton also on barbara streisand people, over the rainbow, from the wizard of oz, and the hit americanngdded. the new addition bring the total up every the registry to 475. >> i wonder how they vote when songs go in. iith any of them. >> like to see them? >> that's cool. also love we are family, isn't bad. last timeare family, one of thes said they think of the movie the bird cage, and that's true through? >> yes. >> that's a good one. when you hear that song it, just makes you s music, the powe you through different journeys, different >> had 75 now.ntcing now comple.
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but does that mean we've heard the end of the bridge gate saga? the legal roaor everyone involved. >> but first, steve keeley, as we mentioned, working a double scene this morning, it has been very active, steve? >> yes. and the final scene, thomas, is where a 28 year old guy from philadelphia was shot and killed by police here, in the middle of what looks like a playground, and an athletic park now, but it looked like act night, when this all played out, as the someone was going down. so now, as up over rogers park, we'll explain what we know so far about what happened down here in new castle last
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>> deadly confrontation with police, leads to night of confusion for dozens of people in delaware. >> i know they had shot up the police car, and now they've been out here for hours. we've been out here for hours, they won't let anybody in or out. >> people kept out of their home for hours,shoots and killst apartment complex. the developing scene right now, in new castle. >> tense moments in kingsessing. an officerhot after being dragged behind a mini-van. the ongoing search for that suspect. the bridgegate scandal legay far from over. thisng.l time forplus, what's ae
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>> good day everyone, discussing shows over here. >> good show. >> bing watching! >> bing watching, you watch one, watch two, oh,. >> catch up homeland. >> keep going. >> i know. >> we can't just stop. you know what i wish we keep going is the sun. but i guess that's too much to ask. >> starting to peak through little bit? >> don't think too far ahead. enjoy today. we've got to live in the moment, right? >> true. >> because tomorrow? >> there it is. >> tomorrow it won't look like this, no.ith me yesterday, what's that shiny thing in the sky? what is it? >> i know, w weekend without seg any sun. that will was welcome. you getne today so your bonus day, eight out ten, , get him some sunglasses, windchills in the morning maker sure you have warm enough coat on. don't have any
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beautiful sunrise just happened officially at 6:48. len chillier, so that's where we are right now. headed to high
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